Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s NAMDO's Membership Policy?

This is indeed a work in progress.  Various membership categories will be offered:  Team, Individual, Under 18 (Team/Individual), Affiliate and Friend of Morris.

Do we really need a Morris Dance organization in Canada and the U.S.?

NAMDO has discussed this issue with some fifty plus Morris related folks over the past two years.  The general feeling is YES.  NAMDO may not engage or provide value to everyone but the thinking is that there is some great potential value to capture our past and present and help shape the future of Morris dancing in North America.  NAMDO's work is and will be unique but aligned with CDSS and other organizational efforts here and in the UK and Austrailia.

This is such a great idea.  Cleary you will need lots of funding to make it all happen.  How can I donate?

Thank you for the support!  While we are legally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are still working on setting up our financial structure.  If you simply cannot wait, please reach out and we will figure something out.  More importantly, make contact with us and join us as we build the organization up and out.  We will ask for money, baked goods and possibly beer soon enough.