Welcome to the Hub of North American Morris Dance Activity

The North American Morris Organization is a nonprofit association of self-governing Morris teams as well as Morris individuals, which aims to: promote and maintain interest in the practice of Morris dancing by women and men of all ages; serve as a hub for Morris dance activity; support the preservation of North American Morris dance history; and be part of the ongoing development and innovation of Morris dance in all its forms.


Update January 25, 2021

The North American Morris Dance Organization is now officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   501(c)(3) status approved January 2021!.

Now the real work begins.

Next steps:

  • You are invited to join in the building of NAMDO.
  • Key areas of work include:
    • Advisory Council.  NAMDO seeks individuals to help shape and guide the organization.
    • Pending NAMDO Committees - Join in to help the work!
      • The History of Morris
        • Individual and Team Histories
        • Events - Ales, festivals, etc.
        • North America Morris Timeline
      • The Art of Morris
        • Photography
        • Film
        • Poster Art
      • The Future of North American Morris
      • Music and Dance
        • Created dances and tunes
      • Membership
    • Technical Support
      • The digital backbone of NAMDO
        • WebSite development/management
        • Google Workspace
        • Facebook
        • YouTube Channel


Note:  Site very much underdevelopment.  If you have the talent to help us build the site, your assistance would be most welcome.

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The Rock Creek Morris Women perform during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Washington, D.C.  April 2017  (Photo Alex Naar)

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