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To be developed:  Reviews of Morris related efforts.


North American Morris Centers of Gravity


NAMDO recognizes that there are many different Morris teams with, necessarily, different reasons for being.  The objectives of identifying centers of Morris activity are to ensure NAMDO both reaches as many Morris entities as efficiently as possible, ensure as many equities as possible are represented and to capture history – past and in the making.  

This region includes primarily British Columbia.  Graham Baldwin is NAMDO regional ambassador.  

This region includes Seattle, Portland and Alaska as well as other Morris efforts in Washington and Oregon.

Ric Goldman (Portland) and Jane Hecht (Seattle) are the regional ambassadors.


Suzanne Frank is the regional ambassador.

Andrew Bullen is the regional ambassador. 

Primarily Ontario, but as the song tells us, Canada is very big!  Paul Handford is the acting regional ambassador although he lives in Kamloops!


West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Looking for a regional ambassador.  

Ruth Olmstead is the regional ambassador.

New Hampshire, Vermont, Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Looking for a regional ambassador. 

Rhode Island, Maine and Eastern Massachusetts. 

Regional ambassador tbd!

This region covers a lot of geography including Florida, Kentucky,  North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Jim Voorhees is the regional ambassador.