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The Rock Creek Morris Women dance in Washington, D.C. during their annual Cherry Blossom Tour - April 2017
The Rock Creek Morris Women dance in Washington, D.C. during their annual Cherry Blossom Tour - April 2017

The North American Morris Organization (NAMDO) is a nonprofit association of representatives from self-governing Morris teams, which aims to: promote and maintain interest in the practice of Morris dancing by people of all ages; serve as a hub for Morris dance activity; support the preservation of North American Morris dance history; and be part of the ongoing development, education and innovation of Morris dance in all its forms.

Our Story

As Morris dancing in North America approaches its sixth continuous decade, it has become critical to work to capture and preserve some of our history before substantial corporate knowledge is lost.

There have been very robust efforts to document parts of this history.  A few key examples include:  Tony Barrand’s film and video collection; The American Morris Newsletter; various web pages that capture morris teams contact information and May Day activities; and the international Morris Dance Discussion List.   Less formal efforts include various efforts to digitize morris posters and artwork; various digital photo collections as well as individual team efforts to record their respective histories.

None of these efforts has been necessarily coordinated or completed.  The North American Morris Organization, does not intend, necessarily, to carry out the work to complete and maintain these efforts but rather provide a framework, set standards and promote the underlying work need to preserve our history and make it accessible to future generations of morris folk.

We intend to partner directly with organizations such as our friends in the UK: The Morris Federation , The Morris Ring and The Open Morris.   Down Under we will join our efforts with the Australia Morris Ring.  In North America, we are now a Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) Affiliate and intend to partner with the Library of Congress, individual Morris and sword teams/Ales as well as other non-profit institutions.  We will explore insurance options for performing teams here in North America, possibly through our affiliation with CDSS and in the United Kingdom with affiliation with Morris organizations there.

Meet the Governing Team

Bob Antia


Bob has been a member of the Newtowne Morris Men for more years than he can remember.

Jim Moskin


Jim has been dancing for thirty plus years and has kit in his Morris closet for a number of teams: Kingsessing Morris Men, Oxford City, Bouwerie Boys, Binghamton Morris Men, Thames Valley International and any team that will let him join in.

Alex Naar


Alex started Morris dancing in 1980 and has danced with a number of teams: Marlboro Morris and Sword; Marlboro Morris Men; Thames Valley International; Bouwerie Boys; Binghamton Morris Men, Paradise Cove Morris; and the American Travelling Morrice. His ten year old son has been swept up, we think willingly, into the Morris world as well.

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