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As Morris dancing in North America approaches its sixth continuous
 decade, it has become critical to work collaboratively to capture and preserve some of
 our history before substantial corporate knowledge is lost.
There have been very robust efforts to document parts of this
 history.  A few key examples include:  Tony Barrand’s film and video 
collection; The American Morris Newsletter; various web pages that
 capture Morris teams contact information and May Day activities; and the 
international Morris Dance Discussion List.   Less formal efforts
 include various efforts to digitize Morris posters and artwork; various
 digital photo collections as well as individual team efforts to record
 their respective histories.
None of these efforts has been necessarily coordinated or completed. 
The North American Morris Organization, does not intend, necessarily,
 to carry out the work to complete and maintain these efforts but rather 
provide a framework, set standards and promote the underlying work needed 
to preserve our history and make it accessible to future generations of
 Morris folk.
We intend to partner directly with organizations such as our friends in the UK: The Morris Federation , The Morris Ring and The Open Morris.   Down Under we will join our efforts with the Australia Morris Ring.  In North America, we are now a Country Dance and Song Society
(CDSS) Affiliate, have been working with the Midwest and Marlboro Ales and intend to partner with the Library of Congress, other 
individual Morris and sword teams/Ales as well as other non-profit 
institutions.  We will explore insurance options for performing teams
 here in North America, possibly through our affiliation with CDSS and in
 the United Kingdom in affiliation with Morris organizations there.

Meet our Governing Board

Alex Naar


Alex started Morris dancing in 1980 and has danced with a number of teams: Marlboro Morris and Sword; Marlboro Morris Men; Thames Valley International; Bouwerie Boys; Binghamton Morris Men, Paradise Cove Morris; and the American Travelling Morrice. His eleven year old son has been swept up, we think willingly, into the Morris world as well.

Bob Antia


Bob has been a member of the Newtowne Morris Men for more years than he can remember.

Jim Moskin


Jim has been dancing for thirty plus years and has kit in his Morris closet for a number of teams: Kingsessing Morris Men, Oxford City, Bouwerie Boys, Binghamton Morris Men, Thames Valley International and any team that will let him join in.

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We're sure you have some questions, so here's our FAQ, (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do we really need a Morris Dance organization in Canada and the U.S.?

NAMDO has discussed this issue with some fifty plus Morris related folks over the past two years.  The general feeling is YES.  NAMDO may not engage or provide value to everyone but the thinking is that there is some great potential value to capture our past and present and help shape the future of Morris dancing in North America.  NAMDO’s work is and will be unique but aligned with CDSS and other organizational efforts here and in the UK and Australia.

This is such a great idea. Clearly you will need lots of funding to make this happen. How can I donate?

Thank you for the support!  While we are legally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are still working on setting up our financial structure.  If you simply cannot wait, please reach out and we will figure something out.  More importantly, make contact with us and join us as we build the organization up and out.  We will ask for money, baked goods and possibly beer soon enough.

What’s NAMDO's Membership Policy?

This is indeed a work in progress.  Various membership categories will be offered:  Team, Individual, Under 18 (Team/Individual), Affiliate and Friend of Morris.

Is NAMDO Affiliated with Other Groups?


What’s NAMDO's Policy on Diversity?

Anyone and everyone is free to enjoy the Morris, traditional music, dancing and performance whether as a participant or spectator.

The broad Morris community is a place where all are safe, welcomed and respected, regardless of race, color, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, ability or disability, political or religious beliefs, or economic status.