The North American Morris Dance Organization


The North American Morris Dance Organization is an association of self governing dance teams and associated folk traditions that is open to all.

We are quickly becoming the largest such organisation in the North America, supporting teams involved in the practice of: Border Morris, Clog Step, Cotswold Morris, Longsword, Molly, North-West, Rapper and Stave Dancing, as well as traditional folk activities such as fools and beasts, and mumming.

Membership Benefits

NAMDO offers a variety of memberships types. As a member of NAMDO, you’ll have access to areas that are not visible to regular visitors to our website, including (placeholder for editing, needs review):

  1. Access to music and dance notation at a privileged rate
  2. Public Liability Insurance
  3. Personal Accident Insurance (optional)
  4. The opportunity to attend events, workshops, etc. hosted byNAMDO
  5. Advice & guidance including Health & Safety
  6. Sponsorship, grants, and bursaries
  7. The opportunity to attend and vote at specified meetings, including the Annual General Meeting held in September
  8. Ability to post articles to our site, and comment on existing posts.
  9. Ability to participate in forums on Dance Traditions, Dances and Music.

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Membership Plans

Here are the Membership Types Available: (Confirm/edit, determine rates.)


For practising and performing morris sides and, at the discretion of the committee, clubs involved in related activities.


For individuals who wish to be a member, but who may not belong to an active group.


For teams, clubs, or individuals who do not qualify for, or wish to have, public liability insurance, or who reside overseas.

Junior Group

For practising and performing morris sides where the majority of members are of compulsory education age.